Locating Articles

Article databases (e.g., periodical indexes) primarily identify articles from journals, newspapers or magazines, and they also occasionally refer to books and other formats. To locate the full-text of an article, you may have one of several options:

  • if a link labelled “full-text,” “PDF” or “HTML”  appears in the database beside the article of interest, click on this link to retrieve it
  • if “Check Omni for Full text” appears in the database, select this link to identify if any full-text options are available. Click on one of the options given. You may then have to navigate to the exact volume, issue and page number
  • if no full-text is available online, the article you want may be available in a print journal located in the library. Consult the Omni record for the journal in which the article appears to determine its location and call number in the library, if available. Also note the year, volume, issue and page number for the article. Access the journal in the appropriate location in the same way that you would access a book

For further information about finding articles visit the York University Libraries Research Guide on Finding Journal Articles.