Disciplinary Approaches

Many aspects of written assignments vary from discipline to discipline. Writing within a discipline requires developing familiarity with what that discipline considers to be appropriate. A long-term strategy to foster such familiarity is to read widely and deeply within the discipline.

Disciplinary approaches differ with respect to questions such as the following:

  • What constitutes an appropriate question or issue?
  • What research sources and strategies are appropriate?
  • What qualifies as evidence?
  • What is the appropriate method for citing sources?


Click the sections below to review examples of evidence-related questions that might arise as you prepare a paper in one of the following disciplines.

All types of assignments will require more than simply restating the findings of your readings. Generally, you will be making a claim or presenting a viewpoint, which you will need to support with evidence. For more information about how to develop an argument, see the Writing Strategies module.