Understanding Procrastination

Most of us procrastinate. Many people believe that they perform better under pressure and purposefully leave important tasks until time is critical. Others feel unsure what the assignment calls for, or they worry that they may not be able to do it well. Sometimes the assignment just seems too unpleasant.

Procrastination may cause unnecessary stress and leave you feeling unproductive or guilty. Managing your time more effectively will help overcome procrastination and will leave you feeling more energized and motivated. Your productivity will increase and you will achieve better results.


Ask yourself the following questions. If you answer “Yes”, click the corresponding solution. Also review Procrastination Solutions under Resources.

1. Do you wait to start your assignments until just before they are due?

2. Do you read email, texts or tweets during the time you have set aside for writing?

3. Do you believe that your assignments need to be perfect and get hung up revising your writing over and over?

4. Do you repeatedly begin writing and then immediately decide you’re hungry or need a coffee?

5. Do you feel anxious or overwhelmed by your assignments?